34 thoughts on “Time In Pastels

  1. I love plaster and lathe construction, and did live in an old farmhouse for many years whose windows were of the same proportion as the ones in this picture and interior walls were made in the same materials. Loved the light and the proportion of the rooms -also knowing the surface of the walls kept the secret on layers from many previous tenants. If one accidentally gouged the walls, the most lovely layers of colour were revealed. Great find, Mike! G

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  2. Finally got around to reading about the town. Fascinating and sad story. Making it part of an historical register isn’t worth much if nothing is done to stop it rotting into dust. It is a great opportunity for people like yourself to preserve it through photos, which may be all that is left in the long term. Both your posts on this town have great photos, Mike. I hope you have more to share? Happy Easter amigo!


    • Hola y happy Easter amiga. I do have a few more photos from that trip. Yes, the 3 homes that are there are just rotting away and it’s remarkable that anything at all is left. I was quite surprised when I put my hand on the doorknob and could get inside. There is one home closer to the highway that has a fence around it, so it can rot in peace. The photos I shared are the inside of the main photo on the linked website. Nice to hear from you Katie.

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  3. I love old abandoned houses too … Part of me always wants to rescue them, and another part of me can’t help but see that they’re beautiful just the way they are, in a haunting, lonely, wabi-sabi fashion.

    Where do you find so many beautiful landscapes and places??


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