Cottonwood Trees

cottonwood trees

There are many cottonwood trees in my area of Colorado. Before they leaf out in the spring they appear twisted and gnarly. A few years ago I had to have the one in my backyard removed as it was old and dying. More information can be found here.

27 thoughts on “Cottonwood Trees

  1. Being the Kansas State Tree, Cottonwoods can be found almost anywhere, especially near water where they thrive. Many cities are outlawing them in new subdivisions and public properties due to the mess they leave when they seed out. I removed a large one from my yard a few years ago because it shed so much ‘cotton’ that it got into/onto everything: ac condenser, garage, house, on pets, and even in our vehicles when we opened the doors! I do miss the lovely leaves though, which sparkle in a breeze as the flutter.

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  2. A curious fact I learned from a Native friend – cottonwood fluff was gathered by native women as disposable absorbent for their infants’ “diapers” Even though I live in a high-rise apartment, fluff from the cottonwoods near the local river float by onto my balcony – snow-in-summer and remind me to go near the river to go on walks. These are beautiful trees, and it’s unfortunate people see them as a source of nuisance. Love this photo! G

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    • Thanks Katie. Mine cost me plenty to have removed. Now I clean leaves in the fall from my neighbor’s huge cottonwood that drops leaves in my yard. I thought about killing him but I don’t want to be remembered as the “cottonwood killer”

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      • But no! The Cottonwood Killer has a wonderful ring to it. You must take action and claim the ignoble title for your very own. Your neighbour is definitely a goner now. 😊😊😊 (Putting in loads of smiley faces, least his future demise is traced back to me. Gotta have deniability. “It was just a joke, Judge! See?? 😊😊😊😊”).


  3. I’ve been admiring the skeletal shapes of trees quite a lot this winter as I’ve been exploring a new area of the UK after our move last autumn. This is a great composition with a fantastic sky, Mike


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