42 thoughts on “Early Spring Pumpkin

    • 12 is their average lifespan, so we do cherish every second. We stopped traveling without her a few years ago to let her live without any stress. Thank you Michael.


  1. Thanks to Katherine for inspiring the beautiful portrait of Pumpkin. And yes…treasure every second…but we see lots and lots of 13+ Goldens around here. Especially ones that had been well-loved.

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    • Yes, and we hope that Pumpkin will be one of the lucky ones that stretch it out to a ripe old age. Others have loved their dog as much as we love her, but none have loved them more.

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  2. Gorgeous and content Pumpkin in a Naples Yellow field. She could be in camouflage. Now this might make for a challenging dog-in-landscape painting. Labs are a compleat delight. I am glad you have each other. G


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