A slightly ominous look at some property in the eastern plains of Colorado.


27 thoughts on “Homestead

  1. Stunning photography…the image allows the mind to wander into the depths of imagination for me and the approaching storm adds to the story. Beautiful! I am really quite happy that I found your site! Peace


  2. Interesting reading the other comments about storms, threat, drama etc.
    I find the overriding emotions to be of melancholy and sadness with the tree reaching out to protect the houses – as if the three of them are harking back to past times and ‘the good old days’.


    • I like that very much. Sadness is there for sure and your poetic interpretation is spot on. The tree protecting the houses is a lovely thought. They did, after all, age together and that tree remembers the joy of children laughing as they played beneath it.


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