Chimney Rock

Chimney Rock

An image from last summer’s vacation in southwest Colorado. More info here.


29 thoughts on “Chimney Rock

      • I just looked up the history of that monument, wow. From a geology perspective it is incredibly ancient, when hiking here in Red Rock Canyon I like to touch the rocks I know are so very old. A kind of connection to the past.


      • I lived for 20 years just 5 miles from Red Rocks.
        I touch them too and collect rocks along the way. I literally have a house full of rocks I’ve picked up. I found a large piece of fossilized wood that dates back to the Tertiary period. That happened not far from my home in Greeley.

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      • Nice!! I forget how many millions ago that epoch was but wow! The concept of ‘millions’ of years has always fascinated me.


      • Yeah, that is a long time ago. I have some decent photos of this piece and now that I think about it, it would make a good post. Perhaps it will be my next post….on Tuesday. Thanks!

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    • I think it is probably illegal to hike it, but that is just a guess. It is a national monument with a visitors center, tours, and admission cost. It looks like quite a hike, at the very least.
      I’m not sure a pharaoh is in play here, unless he had a relationship with the Pueblo Indians, and I’m good with that. My truth lies in uncertainty, so anything goes.

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