Colorado Quiet

Colorado Quiet

Only the occasional bird, distant rumble of thunder, or grasses moving in the wind.


35 thoughts on “Colorado Quiet

  1. WOW!!! you even got the clouds to pose for you!!! I went to the Grand Canyon on a tour and the whole time I was there not a cloud in sight! This photo is beautiful!! Look out Ansel Adams!


    • Ansel is a hero of mine, but I’m afraid I couldn’t carry his equipment. Still, your comment is very much appreciated. The Grand Canyon is something to behold. Thanks, Jade.


      • I was in London visiting a friend and we decided to tour the Maritime Museum. Imagine my surprise when we arrived at the museum there was an Ansel Adams exhibit! I was in heaven!


      • What a treat for you. His work is amazing and his zone system has always been instrumental in my processing decisions, both in my prior life as a film shooter and owner of a custom black white lab, and now as a lazy digital guy. That was a very long sentence.
        Nice name, Jade.


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