35 thoughts on “Colorado Quiet

  1. WOW!!! you even got the clouds to pose for you!!! I went to the Grand Canyon on a tour and the whole time I was there not a cloud in sight! This photo is beautiful!! Look out Ansel Adams!


    • Ansel is a hero of mine, but I’m afraid I couldn’t carry his equipment. Still, your comment is very much appreciated. The Grand Canyon is something to behold. Thanks, Jade.


      • I was in London visiting a friend and we decided to tour the Maritime Museum. Imagine my surprise when we arrived at the museum there was an Ansel Adams exhibit! I was in heaven!


      • What a treat for you. His work is amazing and his zone system has always been instrumental in my processing decisions, both in my prior life as a film shooter and owner of a custom black white lab, and now as a lazy digital guy. That was a very long sentence.
        Nice name, Jade.


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