24 thoughts on “Unshuttered

  1. You know, I’m always quick to point out if something looks sinister (it’s Sandi, and I haven’t been on WordPress lately) but I’m checking in and of course see your pics.

    Anyway, this one didn’t strike me as eerie, I actually was thinking someone elderly, possibly a “shut-in was living there.” Not enough money or energy to keep up the house, and the top left corner of the window – I don’t know if that’s a broken window or part of a cooler, but it makes me feel “lonely.” Instead of sinister, I felt sadness and a broken soul.



  2. Rather than imagine this is a crack house 🙂 it reminds me if an old farmhouse in the south whose kitchen was always set in not as wide as the rest of the house, sometimes space was left between the main building and it in case of fire. An absolutely intriguing and amazing photograph.


      • oh that is intriguing, would love to visit that! I love old churches, as a kid my grandparents took me to an old church called Deep Creek, it had an artisan well and a cemetery that held the remains of soldiers from the confederate war…no joke!


      • I would love to ride around the south and grab images of everything, including barns and green fields. I did a semester of college in northern Georgia before I went into the Navy. Stationed in Milton, Florida for 3 1/2 years. Got married in Brewton, Alabama. In 9 days it will be our 45th anniversary. Does not seem possible.

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      • Fabulous! Congrats on 45 years! I lived for a year in Huntsville my then husband worked at the redstone arsenal. Such a beautiful city! Not familiar with Milton , I will have to look it up. There are many old churches and homes in Georgia, in the back farm lands and mansions in Atlanta and Savannah, also lived there. I am wishing you 45 years of wedded bliss Mike.


      • Well not much hope. Not in humanity and not for our planet. And I mean every word of that. Grab things you can hold, like our children. Have some ammo stored.

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