Sweet Autumn

Sweet Autumn

Soft caresses become a full throttle passionate romp, just before the leaves fall, and l become, once again, a prisoner to time and changing seasons.


27 thoughts on “Sweet Autumn

  1. Mike, the colors here are lovely, and my favorites. Colorado offers so much natural beauty.
    (So very sorry that your state has been in the news for tragedy of late)


    • I will chase Autumn forever, and Judy is a willing accomplice. I guess I just need to travel a southerly route to grasp my sweet autumn for as long as I can.


    • Does that mean you will be sitting at your computer staring at the image while neglecting chores? Is there the possibility of drool, thus requiring a drool cup? (I have fashioned my own drool cups using a large rubber band and a Dixie cup) If so, remember to empty it as needed. It can get messy.


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