Autumn’s First Kiss

autumn's first kissThe sweet beauty that is autumn returns once more with promises of splendor.


23 thoughts on “Autumn’s First Kiss

  1. I love autumn. October is my favorite month, because in CA it has always been still warm enough to wear shorts during the day, but crisp in the evenings. If we are lucky, we might have a tree or two that has leaves changing colors. Most of the time, it’s just hot here, and we don’t have much “changing of the seasons.” I’m not envious over cold winters, but I certainly wish we had more of a Fall season in Southern California. I’ll live through your photos.



    • Yes, winters are no picnic here, but we do have seasons that have distinct changes. I hope you get some much needed rain and I wish for you joy and discovery. Thanks Sandi.


      • There’s actual talk about water possibly being sent to us from AK? No, that won’t be expensive at all… πŸ™‚ Everyone’s expenses are going up- our association is charging more because it costs more to water the common areas.

        Yup, most “seasonal changes” we see here, is everything dying (grass turning yellow and to hay) from lack of water.


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