Thirty Nine Geese

thrity nine geeseFlying and honking in a loose formation, as summer bids adieu.


32 thoughts on “Thirty Nine Geese

  1. Nice photo, and funny… because I shot photos of several hundreds geese too a few days ago. Although, the geese in Germany are brighter, yours are darker, it’s interesting that they look different. You remind me I should upload my photos too. 🙂


  2. Great shot, Mike. 🙂
    Up here in the Texas Hill Country the coming autumn announces itself not by flocks of geese, but, like this morning, with some high-lying fog – or low-lying clouds. Just a matter of perspective.
    Have a wonderful weekend,


  3. very beautiful Mike and a welcome reminder that summer is on the way out not to wish my life away but it’s been insufferable here this summer! ❤


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