43 thoughts on “Live Oak Tree

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  2. You’ve done it again, Mike. Magnificient and mighty by day. (oh, I didn’t see your caption originally, we chose the same adjective) And, creepy and frightening by night… I love Halloween and scary movies, and that is one of the trees that always makes it into Halloween books nightscape or there was that one movie where a tree like that lived by human sacrifices!

    Inviting to all, even those of us unskilled climbers wouldn’t be able to resist sitting on that lower branch. Furthermore, since trees create oxygen, who couldn’t imagine taking a deep breath while lounging on one of the branches?

    Do you sell you work? If so, what is the website? Do you have large prints ready to be hung? We are going to be selling our condo at some point, and eventually I have to “stage” the place for selling and we have a blank wall that I’m searching for art/photos…except I’m on a strict budget while I’m searching for a job. Just curious. Nothing has struck me as the “right” item, until now. That tree would be perfect.


    • Again, what an over the top generous comment. I do sell my work from time to time. The way that works is I order whatever size you want and have it shipped to you. When you are ready, take a look at my WP images and let me know your interest, and we’ll go from there. And again, thank you so much.


      • I would suggest that that’s another reason for us to go back and do it over, but we probably don’t really want to do that…so I guess the consolation will have to be that you have magnificent trees all around you now…or very close by, if not right there.

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    • Old like a tree I would like to be! You made me find a German online translation. Clever and sweet Frauke.
      Das Mitgefühl gezeigt, von ihrer Regierung gegenüber syrischen Migranten ist eine Freude zu sehen. Stolz und moralisch. Hungrig sollten sich schämen.

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      • So true my friend!! Some stupid people from England asked me why the refugees leave a “safe” country like Hungary behind to go to Germany. Me: Are you serious? Do you want to see your child beaten in front of your eyes? Police treat you like shit instead of helping you? To stay at the same place for days with no water, food and toilet…? People only believe what media wants them to believe… For sure Germany can’t give a home to all refugees, but people here do what they can. Me too.

        Love you, my sweet friend.

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  3. It’s got so much symmetry!
    Live Oaks are such incredible trees, aren’t they? I really only see them when visiting friends in South Carolina and Florida. Just beautiful!


  4. A wonderful shot! I love those old oak trees. Unfortunately, oaks are indangered by oak wilt here in (southern) Texas. We had to cut down 17! in our garden since they were dead or dying from that disease.
    Have a great time,


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