22 thoughts on “Speedy Wash

  1. Mike, I know I’ve said this before, I think the blog/internet is inundated with photographers posting their pics. Yes, this is beautiful, that’s beautiful. Nothing makes me want to stop and follow because we’ve seen it a million times before – to me, it’s just another photographer blogging. I feel the same way about poetry. I usually don’t follow poets, authors or photographers because most of them offer nothing of interest to me. I am more interested in who they are as individuals, and I’d rather read a post about something that happened in their life mixed in with photographs.

    You are an exception. I think I must see the world as you do. Every photo you have posted since I’ve been following you, I always stop my scrolling, and contemplate and look at it closely. I ALWAYS feel a connection. I don’t have the words to describe it. Even this photo, I would have felt compelled to take the same snapshot. Of course, my end product would not be as amazing, because I know nothing about my camera and photography (outside of do I want portrait, landscape or action- and select that option accordingly) – so, I just wanted to share with you.

    I may not always comment, but if I’m scrolling and pause on a picture, it’s usually yours.


    • This is really a magnificent sentiment and your generosity in taking the time to share it means a lot to me. This post won’t get much exposure, or many hits because it is not a sunset, or something pretty and dull. Thanks a ton for taking the time and being so generous.


      • I found this piece thought provoking.

        My mind begins to conjure different scenarios. Did someone’s dreams die if/when company went out of business and the sign is a remnant of that?

        Not that nature isn’t beautiful to photograph, but it certainly is refreshing to have a different perspective. Such as that horse scene you had on a post prior. That looked like art work, something with chalk. For lack of a better word, that was neato-burrito.

        And you don’t remain in the same genre. (it’s not always nature, it can be an object, an animal- it’s a mix- that’s what I personally enjoy.) I never know what you’re going to post next.


  2. Great comments on this post Mike. You are such a flirt… I thought it was only me that you loved! Sigh. Anyway, not much can be added to what has come before except that I love the sign particularly due to the roadrunner. ❀


  3. Hello Mike!
    So nice to be visiting and to see this image. I love looking at old signage, and am so glad when it’s preserved, at least with a camera. It was a more innocent time then … or it seemed to be.


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