logoRecently I was contacted by a gentleman representing a fun website called JSPuzzles. After talking, I agreed to allow a few of my photos to be turned into jigsaw puzzles.

Here are the three that were chosen. Click on them and see how the site works.




Those of you who are regular followers might recognize these three photos. What a great way to play online!

51 thoughts on “JSPuzzles

  1. Wow, Mike, how fun is this!? Such an honor to be asked, congratulations. I enjoy jigsaws on a table, they relax me, and all three of your photos look challenging with the different shadows, features, and colors. 😀


  2. What a huge compliment! I’m not one to play with jigsaw puzzles, but each of the 3 photos are great choices … especially the brick wall. I can see that it would be quite challenging.


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