Take Me to Your Leader

take me to your leaderAn orb that made a humming and pulsating sound, that seemed to breathe in and out, getting smaller and then larger. I thought it spoke to me. Or was that after I ate it?

Additional information on this puffball found here.

(click image to see how delicious it is)


39 thoughts on “Take Me to Your Leader

  1. Is that a fungus? I thought at first it was a loaf of bread, but that would be a terrible thing to do to a perfectly good loaf of warm bread! Besides, my acquaintance with bread tells me they rarely, if ever sing. Or breathe! I hear eerie music …


      • I don’t mess with becoming sick or dying. Mushrooms are way too iffy for me, and I’d have to have an expert sign off on anything I thought might be edible. But the thought of cooking that big fella in butter with some simple seasoning literally makes my mouth water. Today I grilled some salmon and drizzled the fillets in balsamic vinegar and honey. Ate that with fresh sweet corn. My God.


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