28 thoughts on “Williams Reservoir

    • You Just slip out the back, Jack
      Make a new plan, Stan
      You don’t need to be coy, Roy
      Just get yourself free
      Hop on the bus, Gus
      You don’t need to discuss much
      Just drop off the key, Lee
      And get yourself free


      • I work for the man, he killed the plan and now all I have is the west coast of Florida sand. But I can dream, or so it seems, and the vistas are great and in Colorado first rate.


  1. The water is calling to me! the only water that I’ve managed to get into this summer (other than a shower) is the rain. No kayaking yet. I’d love to take a big running leap into that water!


    • But you are taking showers, which is important on the campaign trail. If I was an adviser I would insist on that shower at least every 4 days.
      Hey Laurie, go take a big running leap!


      • Hey Mike! I somehow missed this reply and it made me smile. Yep, definitely need to take those showers 🙂
        As I was walking and knocking yesterday, I was dreaming about jumping into a big cold body of water, just like this one.
        Soon! Vacation Count Down: 8 days!


      • I’ll be at the beach (Nags Head, NC) with my Girls of August. They are the women I went to grad school with and we get together the first week of August every year. Truly a time of relaxation. I cannot wait!! AND I’ll be riding the bike to get there 🙂


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