Very Wet Pumpkin

very wet pumpkinAfter more than 10 years, I finally got Pumpkin to swim by tossing a favored stick just off shore from a reservoir. She wanted it bad enough to step into deep water and grab it. I saw her front feet paddling back, stick in mouth. Do not tell her I posted this photo, please.

(click image for enlarged view)

62 thoughts on “Very Wet Pumpkin

      • Well it has been a month today since the op…still hurts a lot and can’t walk more than about 150 yards – but I feel they are on the mend. Physio reckons it will take another 2 – 3 months before I am back to ‘normal’…just in time for autumn 🙂


      • I’m sure Physio is right and you had serious surgery. You have to tough this one out James and resist the urge to do too much, too soon.
        Autumn will make for a sweet return.


      • You are right Mike – I have always been tough as old boots but this has floored me. Still – it won’t be too long before I am on the moors – and drinking Guinness 🙂


      • My friend, getting older flat out sucks. Things waiting in the shadows.
        Work hard at rehab. You are already off the floor, now kick some ass.


    • I think she did not intend to swim at all, and found that last step required to grab the stick put her in deeper water than she expected, and her instinct finally kicked in. The old sink or swim.
      We have talked about it, and she forgave me after 5 minutes of pouting. I had to promise I would not do that again.

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    • Pumpkin I think will not swim again. She is no pup, and at 10 1/2 will probably just continue to walk in water and lick it. She just never took to it, sweet girl that she is.


    • If she was unhappy it was because she was wet and cold and probably exhausted. I think she will not swim again, but we’ll continue to give her the option.


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