19 thoughts on “Big Sky

  1. Sounds pretty perfect to me! Warm days and cool nights … one of the many things I loved about the west, particularly Idaho. I really do need to plan some time in Colorado.
    How ARE you?
    This is the first time I’ve been able to visit WP blogs in over a week!


    • I am as fit as a fiddle, Laurie, and as happy as a puppy with two peters. We were at 8500 feet and in some gorgeous country.
      When will you be coming to Colorado? It would be great fun for me to meet you.
      What are your chances of being victorious in your election?


      • Good question (about the election). Even though I am challenging an incumbent, I have a strong reputation because of my job and my civic engagement. There are days that I feel pretty good about it and that I might win. Then of course there are those other days … we’ll do some polling in a couple weeks and that will give me an idea of how things are going.
        As far as Colorado? I was actually hoping to ride out this year. I was naive. Hopefully next year!!!


      • Very cool about the polling that will be done, If you can remember, let me know what it says. I very much want you to win, not just because I love you, but because of who you are and what you represent. We have full political simpatico, you and I. And if you do come to Colorado we’ll ride and hang out and we have a guest room. Keep that in mind.


      • Sounds absolutely wonderful, Mike. What a great time we will have. Your message brought a big smile to my face!


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