46 thoughts on “Wet Pumpkin

  1. What a cutie! ❀ My Franco is now 12 and he LOVES going for a swim. πŸ™‚
    Pumpkin could be his sister, I love my Golden Retriever to pieces too, they are great dogs, aren't they? Love, love, love all the way. ❀


    • I suppose that is a possibility, Amit. Still, she has webbed feet that are made for swimming. So if I went in deeper water, she might follow? hmmm. Can I just toss a duck in instead?

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  2. And you have never gone for a swim and had her follow you?gosh she is such a golden retriever ! A total wooz! My Dougal of the same breed and long gone was also a pussy but he hated me calling him that, he he. He was such a wooz, he wouldn’t step over an electrical cord if it was in his path. He reasoned that if it wasn’t there before and he didn’t see it being put there then it was supernatural and definitely terrifying! X


    • Thanks Kelly and Pumpkin is now home and when she got here she ran into the backyard and barked….at nothing. Guess she just wanted to make sure everyone knew it was her yard, again.

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