32 thoughts on “Rocky Mountain Scenic

    • It is relatively unspoiled. I remember reading years ago that a snow sample was taken at a very high peak somewhere (Everest?) and what they found was some asbestos.
      It is beautiful any way you slice it. Thanks.


  1. I can’t believe you can be so far away and capture such detail, yowzer! Glad to see there’s still snow on the peaks too. Natural beauty surrounds you, that’s a certainty.


    • Something very odd is going on with this picture, as it has had almost 200 views today, and I have no idea how or why. You are certainly welcome, but where are the rest coming from?


      • Isn’t if weird how that happens? For some reason, a post that I wrote two years ago continue to get views … every day. I cannot fathom why.


      • This one has me stumped. A pleasant surprise and we will see how long until it is hijacked. I recently got a message from someone telling me that a particular photo of mine was being used by some clown in India on his Flickr account and he was presenting the photo as one he took. He had hundreds upon hundreds of great comments. The last comment in that thread was mine, letting everyone know he was a thief and a liar, complete with a link to my blog post and copyright. Then I contacted Yahoo who quickly removed the photo. People!


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