19 thoughts on “My Wife Judy’s Etsy Shop

  1. Tell her good luck. I had a shop selling antiques and collectibles on Ruby Lane (the shop was called Kismet) for almost four years. It started as a little hobby and got to be a real business. I don’t know how much money I really made in the end. The cost of keeping stock levels up and the amount of work — 7-days a week — taking pictures of stuff and posting them with descriptions (I wanted to be the J. Peterman of the internet and I think it worked … a great description can sell an ordinary product for a better price) left me eventually exhausted. Before blogging, it used up ALL my time and because it really was a business, it was not something from which you could take a vacation — unless you were willing to let your customers become someone else’s customers. May she experience success and profit and satisfaction from her venture!!


    • We must go to Bali and try to sell there. We should be arriving next Tuesday at 4pm. We will only be staying with you for a month, or so, Thanks!


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