35 thoughts on “Big Sweet Horse Head

  1. absolutely beautiful! I love horses and they have the means to calm, soothe, and interact with children with disabilities. I’ve seen some wonderful video footage. And they can be cantankerous, like the video we saw of the videographer filming an interview, and the horse behind him keeps nibbling on his ear and doing his best to annoy the poor guy. 🙂


    • I love horses too and have long felt their spirituality. I know they calm me and bring me joy and quiet, so it is no surprise that they can do that for children as well. I may in fact be an overgrown child. Thanks for this great comment.


  2. A beautiful, gentle beast. With eyes that tell so many stories… (Worth becoming a horse whisperer for this one!) FTYD’s comment above reminds me of The Horse Boy – what an inspiring story, about the horse’s gift to a child with autism.


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