27 thoughts on “Sylvan Lake

  1. I love interesting rocky scenes like this. The West has such interesting landscape..so different from my sub-tropical home. I remember traveling across the country a couple of times when we were going from one army base to another and being enthralled by the vastness and the rocky terrain. Dakotas are amazing and so is Colorado.


    • Nice summation Judy. I find there is a sense of calm in open space and that is one of the things that drew me here. And it is real pretty as well.
      Thank you for this comment.


      • I have learned to love the swamp but my first love was geology and so I am still overwhelmed at the sight of the massive testament to the earth’s power. And, Garden of the Gods is still in mind. You have been there right? I know Colorado is a big state!!


      • I used to live only 50 miles from Garden of the Gods and yes I have been there a few times over the years.


      • Wonderful…I could definitely spend more time there!! I breezed through in such a short time. Thanks for showing us your area the way you do.


  2. Gorgeous! For some reason, the B&W makes me imagine the water as freezing, but in color I’d imagine it warm. Either way … it’s probably cold in reality. Wish I were there


    • South Dakota is really beautiful. Yes, it does take on a chilling feel in b/w and I did not get in but imagine it was quite cold even in mid summer. Thanks Laurie.


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