38 thoughts on “Wyoming Mesa

  1. If the bridges were not there I swear I would see a couple of old cowboys in the distance and Apache? on the bluff watching them. This is a scene out of an early John Wayne movie.


  2. LOL, Am I going to see your mug on a WANTED poster in the Denver Airport? I’m far too cautious to be a Bonny to your Clyde but I did love the cars and fashions of he era. That Blanche was a real pill too. I’d have to boot her butt out at the first bus stop.


    • Blanche stays home or I fill her full of lead. Just you and me, boomdee, cutting a trail, raising a ruckus, and filling our pants. Full of cash πŸ˜‰


      • Gah!! Ruckus? LOL, sounds like fun even if I’d have to nap for a week after. I think “Bonn-dee” would run like mad at the first site of the law….you might be one of the boys my dad wormed me about. πŸ˜‰


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