Baby Lilac

baby lilacBeautiful sexy spring.

(click it to see it)


43 thoughts on “Baby Lilac

      • Alright, so this point is a Deep Down. Absolutely agree! Thanks! You are a photography with a strong character, I feel. Maybe you’ll like some of my photos on my latest blog: Sigiriya Part3-The Top? 🙂


  1. A perfect photo! I LOVE lilacs. It would not be an exaggeration to say it’s my favourite … maybe because it does signal that spring has clearly won the battle and summer is on the way 🙂


  2. Aren’t they so beautiful? I wish they’d stay all summer, but I guess I’d get less excited to see them in spring. Another thing I miss from my old yard. I get nauseous when I think about the new owners, they paved the back yard for their 5th wheel trailer, LOL Never look back, it’s painful.


    • They are indeed beautiful. Maybe not as much as a 5th wheel trailer, though. Kidding. What’s that expression about never look back, it might be catching up with you?


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