Brick Work

brickworkSome interesting old brick work. It is a technique I have not seen before. Lost art?

(click it to see it)


25 thoughts on “Brick Work

  1. Did you find this on the brick farm buildings?

    So how much snow/slush did you have? This morning, we had lightning and thunder with the snow/ice pellets/sleet mix. With the sun out, it’s all a distant memory. 🙂


    • Yes, on those buildings.
      Here it snowed a little yesterday and then turned to rain. Today it has been raining big time, with no hint of the sun. I put turf builder on my yard before all this started because I’m smarter than I look.


  2. Our fireplace is built like that. It’s just a bit of fanciness. They turn a brick sideways in various places to give it texture. I love our fireplace, by the way. It’s the best thing about the house.


  3. Hey?! I wonder if those are Klinker bricks just added for some design interest. It’s a brick that doesn’t turn out because they’re too close to the fire. They’re usually discarded or given away. Back in the day, people would use them to partially brick a home because they were free. I live in a community called the Brickyard. Back in the beginning of the 20th century they manufactured bricks right where our house was built. There’s a number of old Klinker brick homes still standing in Edmonton and a church. Here’s a link to a church in town. Good eye to spot it Mike.


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