Llamas in a Field

llamas in fieldA group of grazing llamas enjoying the day in Colorado.

(click it to see it)


24 thoughts on “Llamas in a Field

  1. Did you know, it is illegal for llamas to appear in photos, video or motion pictures without approval from the USDA? You may want to be ready to head to your ghost town cabin. 🙂


    • I did not know that and now that I do I will do everything I can to protect those poor innocent llamas. I will not give them up, and will not let the authorities know their whereabouts.

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  2. That’s vast ! You’d think the hills when on forever. I like that the tree in the foreground provides prospective. I’m a big fan of llama’s, my old neighbour had a couple. Cute faces and they’ll keep your field mowed and tidy looking.


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