43 thoughts on “Country Road

  1. I must respectfully disagree with you, Mike. I see a dirt road well traveled by just a few, hard work being done in the fields, neighbors who have become like family out of want and necessity, and a great photograph of a place many never see in person. Very cool!


      • Hey Mike, we’ve just arrived back in DC from Laurie’s in Radford. Had a great time hanging out there. We took the train back to DC this morning and wandered around a bit this afternoon. We’re here till Saturday then back home till the next adventure. I have taken watercolour painting classes only because I really love watercolours. But I’m by no stretch of the imagination a painter. But I could totally see your photo done in Watercolours x B


      • I’m real happy for you Kelly, and just a bit jealous too. Your trip sounds like a great adventure with quite a bit of laughing, I’m sure. That kind of trip is like medicine, and very good for the soul. Safe journey home.

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      • Thanks so much for your really kind message Mike. We’ve had some laughing to tears, mostly over really dumb photo’s which will *never* make it on the web! LOL


      • I’m not kind, just real. Kind is when you know a fellow blogger that gets into an accident and you get real creative and send something handmade and wonderful and from the heart. That’s kind.

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  2. Spectacular work Mr Mike. I remember this type of terrain when I lived in Denver two years and traveled back & forth thru Eastern Colorado, and Kansas towards Kentucky.


  3. It’s a long road, and it’s a heavy load, travelling along…….Hmmm……those are the words of a song that came to mind….. after seeing this metaphor-for-life’s-journey……

    No idea where those words come from…… some of those disconnected fragments that inhabit the dysfunctional brain box…

    Nice picture Mike.


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