Pumpkin’s Spring Portrait

Spring Pumpkin 2015Now 10 1/2 years old and in good health, Pumpkin continues to enjoy her off leash walks. She is loved fully, and returns that joy a hundred times over. What a gift she is.

(click it to see it)

56 thoughts on “Pumpkin’s Spring Portrait

    • Years ago in that same area we let her walk into a lake. She came out filthy and full of algae. We keep her dry unless it’s a clean lake. She does not know how to swim which is curious for a water dog with webbed feet. She just walks around up to her chest.


    • That is a nice description, joyous distraction. My life has been reduced in a way that creates something very simple, without much noise. Kind of a low stress diet. In that world Pumpkin grows in stature, so she is a full blown family member. Weird, but nice.


  1. I popped in while away in DC and saw Pumpkins spring pic, what a smile she put on my face. I had to come back today just to tell you what you clearly know, “Pumpkins adorable to the max”. Happy 10 1/2 Pumpkin ❤


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