23 thoughts on “Mountain Valley

      • Ha ha!! I haven’t been in some years, but I spend more time in the south and southwest part of the state. FD has business trips to Denver sometimes and I do make it to Arvada every once in a blue moon to visit a friend. Aren’t you further north? As I remember from two decades ago, that is the most beautiful area of the state.


      • You are correct, the southwest 4 corners part of Colorado is the prettiest. I am 50 miles north of Arvada but having lived in the metro area for 30 years I know it all quite well. Matt lives in Englewood and was born in Lakewood.
        It would be an easy thing for you to come by this way if you were returning from Nebraska. HWY 34 west off of I76, or HWY 85 south off of I80. Just sayin.


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