327In addition to some great brickwork, 327 is full of mystery with its ripped curtains, far left. Spirits might be hiding in them. The middle windows reflect as billowy and ghostly, while the window far right contains old curiosities. Small town, northern Colorado.

(click it to see it)

28 thoughts on “327

    • Upstate NY is a very pretty place. Having moved away at 19, I never got to do enough exploring.
      There was a segment last night on National Geographic about a surfing goat. It was very cool and unexpected. Having watched it, I still can’t wrap my head around it.
      Have a good day Adrianne, and thanks.


  1. For a moment, I thought the curtains were billowing out, not just reflections.
    I just got back from a visit to Greensboro, NC and stayed in a haunted room in a haunted hotel (not on purpose, mind you!)


    • Well that must have been some experience for you. I recently had a genuine supernatural experience while playing pool, of all things.

      Well I worded the description of the curtains poorly. It was not a reflection, in the purest sense. Whatever we are seeing was in, or behind the windows.

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