31 thoughts on “Goats and Birds

  1. I really like this. Excellent capture! Thanks for the morning smile.
    (I have been driving past a small goat farm for nearly a year on the way to the dialysis clinic. I will have to pull over and catch them one of these days. Again …. thanks for the smile.)


      • On no . . . From afar. Over the years I have been nibbled, bitten and looked at like I was the one with an apple in my mouth. I think I will remain with the comgort range of a 300mm lens. Take care my friend. Peace be with you today!


      • This message went to my spam for some reason. I rescued it! I like goats. Getting stuck in a group of them might be challenging, so I stay between 18-55mm away. Be well.


  2. Great shot! I especially get a chuckle out of goat pictures. They always seem to be up to something ornery. The group of 4 to the right are certainly conspiring, in my opinion. 😉


    • Yes, the darker goat in the middle of that 4some was the ring leader and as I remember she set the stage for the other 3 to come nibble my shirt while she tried to pull my leather wallet from my front pocket. That she would have eaten right up. But I was onto her and her cronies but I did leave with a lighter wallet as I bought a pound of incredible garlic feta 😉

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    • Hi. I was hoping you would get a look at this as I knew you would get a kick out of it. Lots of floppy ear Nubians in there. They live on a dairy farm and there are some great cheeses made there. Good morning and great day, Adrianne.


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