49 thoughts on “Bug For Sale

  1. Snap! Maybe it works like a Flinstone mobile. You just stick your foot out to brake. I’ve always loved the Bugs and wish for one in a yummy green/blue. Alys had one in College. I have one on my board at Pinterest.


  2. I’m sorry I haven’t visited in a while but I love your new banner photo! This VW, no seat belt? Duct tape is a good alternative, as you mention!


  3. I am glad I wasn’t in this particular Beetle when the one I was in rolled twice down the interstate in 91′. Hell of a ride but in this car I would have zero chance of survival. Great shot Mike, Love the B&W!


  4. I owned one of those Bugs, a red one. They were the days you could easily do a tune-up, set the points, change the oil, all in less than an hour. My four kids used to ride in the back window well when they were toddlers. I’d be arrested for that today. Always started no matter the weather, was good in snow, and didn’t mind a beer-bump or two on a late night home from the pub.


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