31 thoughts on “Time

    • I’m good with a family living happily ever after. It does happen, so why not here. Let’s go with three generations of this family having lived in this home producing children who were well loved and emotionally nourished. Laughter, joy, and good health were in abundance.


  1. Nice one Mike…there is a certain sadness about these old buildings – they were once peoples homes where their hopes and dreams lived too.


  2. Very nice looking home. Must be a recent abandon judging by the quality of wood over the windows and doorway. The other part is the phone box on the side of the house hinting at a recent abandon. CenturyLink, formerly Qwest, formerly US West, tried to transition a lot of older homes to the boxes when service calls were made.


    • Very keen eye, David. There is also a barn type of building on this property that is in very decent shape, suggesting that you are indeed correct, and the house was not long ago occupied.


  3. What a cute home that must have been. Add a porch swing and a dog and I’d be there in an heartbeat. There was actually a very similar home along a country road where I used to live. I snooped in once with a friend. The interior doors were so nice. Just sitting there waiting for a rescue. I didn’t know who to contact and they’re probably still there.


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