winterA recent peek through one of my icy skylights reveals an aspen tree in my backyard.

(click it to see it)


29 thoughts on “Winter

  1. Well I guess that answers my last question, LOL. Very pretty looking, all be it dangerous for electrical lines. They get these ice storms in Eastern Canada. We suffered thru one a few years back in Alberta too. Freezing Rain actually crumpled giant power towers like they were made from tinfoil. No power for over a week in some rural areas. We went 3.5 days. It was a real drag. We’d run the generator every 1/2 hour or so to empty our sump so the basement would stay dry. Good times, good times LOL


    • Running a sump has been shown to bring families closer and raises the birth rate as well.
      No the Winter has really become very nice but we do get some snow and ice, every now and again. Then it melts when it warms up. The last several days have been 70 degrees F.

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