47 thoughts on “Winter Warehouse

  1. I Love it man! Overcast-gray days and old building just work, especially in B&W.
    As a side note: Is someone still using the place? It seems the building on the left is new-ish but what got me thinking was something was out of place on the porch.I had to enlarge it but sure enough there are lawn chairs on the left end of the porch that just seem too new for the place. Cool and intriguing stuff !


    • It is a large complex, and I believe still in use.
      I like moody tones and believe that if I can create mood/emotion, I am doing something right. At least that is my delusion 😉
      Thanks Carol.


  2. Dotting America is the past, abandoned and empty. Large fortresses of what use to be. Manufacturing museums of great areas, silos empty, and out west tubes of old missile tubes now supposedly empty. We are the ghost country. This picture proves it.


    • Ba, I’m not well traveled, but I would guess that older countries have more older things dotting their own landscape. We are an evolving mess that includes broken dreams and an army of abandoned things.


  3. Winter is my least favourite time of year, except for all the great photo’s filled with every tone of grey possible. It’d be totally stark if not for the perky lawn chairs set close together on the porch. Makes me think a couple of folks that enjoy each others company hang out there, so that’s a little spark of sunshine.


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