47 thoughts on “Survivor

    • Thank you. I agree, it is a bit eerie, and somewhat remarkable that it stands alone. It must have been made well. This was taken in Texas along the coast and a hurricane could have removed the home, I suspect.

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  1. It always amazes me how much staying power a fireplace and chimney have. Great photo, Mike. It looks like it’s waiting for someone to come along and build a house around it.


    • That is sitting on at least an acre of clean land, in a prime spot. By the looks of the chimney, it was not a large home. Certainly not a tall one.
      Hopefully that chimney does not cry quietly, as it sits and waits.


  2. I love the way the branches and leaves play their shadows across the bricks, and the hint of a roof’s outline towards the top..Compared to the derelict (looking house), there is a certain stateliness to the fireplace..almost as if it were taken from the Downton Abbey set 😉


  3. In the hills and hollows of Virginia (and surrounding states), it is not uncommon to see a lonely chimney in the middle of a field and it always saddens me (what happened) but also inspires (the construction and durability). The color tones in this are simply beautiful, Mike.


    • I often get comments which include eery, and I always feel good about that. I guess if I can create mood, and the photo is interesting, I have done well. Thanks for the look and comment.


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