48 thoughts on “Gangster Death

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  2. Some of these old cars have more character than the friends that I keep. They are certainly more interesting to look at. Yes I could surround myself with old cars and old barns everyday and life would be great. Cheers


  3. Well now, that’s a thought! Hey, look at those back vents. Remember when back windows vented? We had a car as a kid with venting back windows but usually headed down the highway with all the windows down. We thought it was fun to see everyones hair flying around 😀


    • If I traveled with Pumpkin and the windows were down we would all be asphyxiated from her shedding. I could weave rugs from her, I could make sweaters, I could cough up a hair ball.
      Yes, I remember rear vents and my grandfather owned a black car that was rounded in the back and was a full out gangster car, but he was a gentleman.

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