26 thoughts on “Funky Door

  1. That door deepened the furrow between my brows. Reflections? No, they look more like decals. Handle from an old screen door; no lock. But not a screen door. Art Deco painting below. Bubbles all over it; heat related? Art should nake someone think…good job!


  2. Pretty sure that is not the original door. The metal below the paints surface is rusting suggesting a hollow core installed well after this place was built. Great job of capturing the clouds in the top pane and still getting great detail on what the hell ever if going on in the mountain/water fall/ bubbles, scene in the two windows in the door. Door handle looks straight off my grandparents’ back porch circa 1930’s. Great stuff Mike, Love it!
    By the way what color was the color of the door in the original shot?

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    • All good stuff John. You have a trained eye, and see things with a good perspective. The color of the original door is make me vomit blue. As in very blue. Lets go with too blue as the color. I cleaned it up some.
      Your work, especially your macro stuff, is coming along nicely.

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  3. This will surprise you but I also photograph doors when we travel….way! I’m always fascinated by them and why they choose the door they did to welcome friends in. I bet it was tricky to frame the arched glass panels. Hey!! Is that the Colorado Rockies in the reflection?


    • There is no reflection and that is some sort of decal. But the mountains could be reflected in that door as this town is at the base of some fabulous peaks.
      Do you ever post your doors?


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