Wyoming Woods

wyoming woodsA summer view of some woods north of me. It will be spring soon, eh.

(click image for added detail)


30 thoughts on “Wyoming Woods

  1. Looks a beautiful place – and I love the pattern of shadows. Wyoming is one place I would love to visit in America – and Shanandoah (did I spell it correctly?) is another one. Have a peaceful New Year Mike.


  2. I like how you captured the many shades of dappled sunlight amongst the spruce. What a great place for a walk, it’s be nice and cool there on a warm summer day too. Was that area once a homestead Mike? Looks like the trees were planted in a nice row.


  3. You know, Mike, I can FEEL the summer’s warmth in this image.
    I’m so behind on visiting blogs and I’m so glad this is the first one I visited.


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