Solid Barn

solid barnI think this is a beautiful barn and it appears to have new windows as well.

(click image for added detail)


31 thoughts on “Solid Barn

  1. It looks like some one might consider renovating this, perhaps making it a home. I wouldn’t mind doing that though I am a city girl and would likely go crazy out there in the field. Hey, that looks like a new roof too. Beautiful photo, Mike.


  2. The wood is gorgeous. Around here, some of the oldest barns — from the 1700s — are in the best shape. People have taken care of them and it shows … while some much newer ones are dilapidated and look about ready to fall down.


    • The wood is gorgeous and When I rode by and saw that light I made a quick u-turn. We don’t have things here from the 1700s except for dwellings like Mesa Verde.
      I would care for my own barn as I do my house. I’d love to have a few goats.


  3. It sure is a nice one. All seems quite straight and true. I wonder if they built a new barn with reclaimed wood? Even the singles are new and the foundation is too good for an older barn. I do like how the siding is horizontal -vs- vertical. If it is an oldie but goodie, kudos to the owners for the diligent upkeep, there are enough of them around.


  4. Hey, I might know my way around a barn or two…LOL. None as nice as this one though. Looks like they drive into the big door, so probably not a residence but you’re right! I’d live there too. Imagine all that room to hang out!


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