14 thoughts on “Two Old Windows

  1. I do love the textures of old buildings, doorways and windows. A few years ago I visited Boston with my sister and we spent 3 days on foot exploring for local color for her book. It took much longer because as we walked I was charmed by all the cool doorways and stopped to shoot many of them. Florida has some old buildings, but not quite like the northern cities. I appreciate all the sharing you do of the interesting structures where you live and visit. Its fun to see.


    • Thank you Judy. I have an ever increasing appreciation for things now considered old. There is great detail and character to be found, and in the right place I too can walk for hours.


    • Good question. I have seen bricks made to look this way, adding a decorative element, but I’m thinking these are not those, so to speak. Perhaps they just spent 100 years being hit by the sun and, as you say, leaching some.
      And good day to you, Carol.


    • Same to you and your’ins. Eat a slain bird. We are having part of a slain pig….a pork roast. It was great fun running him down barefoot with a spear. He tried to get me into the brambles but when I saw that happening I tossed my heavy spear 100 ft and nailed the big fella. He gonna eat real good.


  2. I love old buildings. Those windows look surprised to see you admiring them. Must be the arched brows. She’s waited forever to turn someones head again, but she’s still got it all going on.


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