33 thoughts on “Maple Madness

  1. Great colour and depth of field.

    Ours are (more is the great and woeful pity) long passed that stage and well into the “bare branches covered in snow” phase – on the upside there’s only 4 more weeks until ice fishing!


    • Yes, ours are long gone as well. I believe I took that photo exactly 1 month ago.
      I have never gone Ice fishing but would do so if it was not too cold and there were good fish to be caught. And I would bring my flask to that party.


      • Ya gotta try it at least once Mike. There’s little like being out on the ice on a snapping cold day with yer mates and a thermos of coffee passing the time and catching supper… well, unless maybe it’s being out on the ice at night under the stars on a clear night with a thermos of coffee, passing the time with yer mates, and catching breakfast while listening to the ice crack and moan under you in the still night air.


      • That sounds like a lot of fun, actually. I do fish, always have, and it is both relaxing and exciting. Ok, tell yer mates I’m joining them and give me a weeks notice and coordinates.


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