25 thoughts on “Autumn Stream

  1. You wimp. Take a little hike in the snow. It will do you good. Do you think I’m detered now that it’s cold outside? True, I live in the desert and cold here is 72 degrees instead of 112. But that’s the point. Cold is relative when you’re making art. And you do make art, Mike. We all know it and see it. And appreciate it. Do you think Ansel Adams woke up one day and said ” it’s too cold today. Maybe I’ ll just sit here by this fire” ? No. He did not!


    • HA! As fate would have it we just returned from walking Pumpkin and it is below zero outside with snow on the ground. I’m what they call a he-man, sort of man plus. Beyond man. Pumpkin is a she dog, and Judy is as tough as nails. Soft nails. Thank you for the comment regarding my art and I guess the rest of it too 😉


  2. Nice hues of blue and gold, Mike. Your photo resembles much of how it looks here at the moment… and come the weekend, we will have just a little snow too. Snow is a novelty here since it lasts but a few hours or days.


    • Thanks Lori. Here we are now in the grips of winter. We did our Pumpkin walk this morning and it had to be a few degrees below zero, with 2 inches of snow on the ground. Pumpkin loves it, and has her own fur coat. It is


  3. Cold, snow, and wind can really change the wardrobe (nature’s as well as human’s). It looks almost like you were standing in the stream to take the photo. Beautiful image of what looks like a beautiful day. 🙂


  4. Memories are flooding back. There was a little hide-away cove at the lake we lived at. We had to cruise in with the boat slowly because the entrance was shallow. We’d always see deer or sometimes a Moose and I’d feel a bit bad for intruding on their solitude. It was our own little bit of heaven.


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