31 thoughts on “Vestige

    • What it might be saying is “I have provided protection from the harsh sun and the heavy rains. I have grown to not only be your protector, but a proud older brother. Now the winter will require that we all find sleep. Still, do not forget that even in my rest I will continue to love you and come the spring we will once again sing with joy.”


    • Hi James. Thank you my friend.
      By the way, just got a 16×20 print made of Pumpkin’s birthday portrait and the k10 is such that I could have gone larger than that and still had a sharp image.


      • You know Mike, I have a couple of 30″ x 40″ landscapes I took using the K10D and I must say the quality is outstanding – even close up. It is s superb camera – and handy weapon too 🙂

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    • That is nice to hear, Maria. The title I like as well and surreal and mysterious are qualities I’m always looking for. Thanks for taking the time, generous one.


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