Pumpkin’s Birthday Portrait

pumpkin oct 2014Β© 2014 Michael Fiveson

Falling leaves and good light compelled me to shoot Pumpkin for her official birthday portrait, even though she won’t be ten until Halloween. I love this girl beyond reason, and I am a lucky man to have had her for a decade. I want her forever.

(click image for enhanced view)

71 thoughts on “Pumpkin’s Birthday Portrait

  1. I zoomed up close to Pumpkin’s neck, then smiled of course when I saw that adorable red heart tag with her name inscribed. True love, Mike. She wears yours on her chain every day. May you enjoy many more birthdays together. Happy & healthy b-day Ms Pumpkin!


    • How lucky I am to have friends here like you, Adrian. This photo I am particularly pleased with. I saw the light and leaves and pulled it off in 2 minutes. Fill in flash. Pumpkin was antsy because I had treats in my pocket.


    • Anyone who ever loved their pet understands exactly how I feel. And I will be picking up leaves in my backyard for months. I do love this picture of Pumpkin so I thank you for commenting, eh.


  2. I can see the loving ways of Pumpkin in this Birthday portrait. Your desire to have her forever is something I can relate to. My cat Sushi (15) is a very close friend to me. The relationship between species is warm and wonderful. Who knows who gets more from it? It doesn’t matter. It’s just grand.


  3. I must have her brother they look identical, 10 years old now…best friend ever! His name is “Mr. Clooney!” Shelter adoption.


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