24 thoughts on “A Fine Piece of Ash

    • Thanks! There are a certain percentage of people who would take offense, and those of you who might enjoy some racy schtick.
      I’ll be here all week, try the roast beef, and don’t forget to tip your waiter…

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  1. And we know she is so much more than gorgeous limbs and a lithe trunk; she has roots in her community, and casts a large shadow in which many find comfort in times when they need to be shaded from a harsh day. It is a really pretty tree!


  2. Ha ha! I hate to admit it but I didn’t even get the cheesy tones… damn! I’m just too serious for my own good! Nice photo, Mike. We are just beginning to see the golds and reds here – we are a few weeks behind you with foliage color changes.


  3. The world would be less colorful than autumn for sure if not for a little tacky humor from time to time. Not everyone can deliver a smile with a simple blog post title!! All our palm trees are still green…big sigh!!


    • Some smile, others grimace. Truth is I could not help myself. Once it popped into my head there was not much I could do about it.
      Your work is excellent and your images superb.


  4. I find nothing tacky about your title. On the contrary, I find it the height of slyness, wittiness, and cleverness. A veritable bon mot! Now, when do the winter posts start?


      • Darn! And here I was depending on you. All I did was bitch and moan all year long about the weather here- including our lack of autumn colors. I guess it will be up to me to send you winter posts that will not make you bitch and moan as winter here is beautiful. Usually just a sweater or light jacket is enough. Of course, in the evenings we sit by an outdoor fire, me with a glass or two of wine. It’s almost heaven!


      • Well then, winter should be nice and warm for you. I’ll try to stay away from posting any snowfall- unless snow falls here!


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