Autumn in the Park

autumn park© 2014 Michael Fiveson

A park close to my home. Beauty everywhere.

(click image for added detail)


28 thoughts on “Autumn in the Park

    • It was taken yesterday. The homes surrounding that park are some of the nicest in this town. Mine is not one of them (not that there is anything wrong with my comfortable home)


  1. mmmm yah, feel the sun on your face with the smell of autumn in the air. Beautiful for sure. I like how you put the shot in perspective by including some tree trunk on the left of the frame. So much more interesting. We just drove in from the country (thanksgiving weekend here), and the views are still golden in places, but lots of our leaves have now fallen and the forests are starting to look bare. One stiff wind shall do it all in.


    • Well shucks Boomdee, thanks. That tree on the left also allowed me to remove the sunlight that may have interfered with my exposure. I’m smarter than I look, but not by much.
      And I say that a bare forest is better than no forest at all.

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      • True that, our dog never had any complains and I could see him for a farther ways. Just up the path, around the corner, over that fallen tree and across the swamp. He kept me on my toes, LOL Hugs to Pumpkin

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