Spooky Window

spooky window© 2014 Michael Fiveson

A time battered window presents as mysterious and a bit scary. There are some very odd shapes, most noticeably in the upper panes. I cannot account for these. Any guesses?

(click image for added detail)

53 thoughts on “Spooky Window

  1. Yah yah, my spidey senses are tingling, or at least I think that’s Spider Man in the top right pane. Hmmmmm, how far do you have to travel to find these deserted ruins? Are these all in your neighbourhood, is it something you said? LOL

    “Like a streak of light, you’e arrived just in time”, too capture these ancient facades before the earth reclaims the tired wood and only reflections of the past remain in broken panes. I always love all the texture in these photo’s of yours. Enjoy the day.


    • This particular photo was 1342 miles from my house, but many are much, much closer. The real race is who gets claimed first…..the stuff I shoot, or, gulp….me.


    • It was there, and it is real. The rest I do not understand and will add it to my long list of things I do not understand. That includes cheerleaders and parades.


  2. It appears the upper half of the window is covered with some sort of drapery and has the reflection from the house “across the street” imposed on top. If it’s something else, better it’s in Michigan than in Colorado.

    Stay dry today. Right now, we’re having Round 1 of heavy rain. Two more rounds are expected this afternoon.


      • What kind of curtain? I would suppose a very odd one, particularly if it was made in the 1960s or early 1970s. Could be a painted on, leaf-type pattern.


      • hmmm. You may be onto something here. I never thought of a patterned curtain. I guess I just wouldn’t expect to find that but it makes sense actually.


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