Hibiscus Farewell

hibiscus farewell© 2014 Michael Fiveson

Not wanting to surrender to a certain fate, this flower hangs on as the weather cools and the days become increasingly shorter. The details and color are something to behold.

(click image for added detail)


32 thoughts on “Hibiscus Farewell

  1. It’s a beauty Mike! I do love the hibiscus flower and not just because it is so lovely. i grew up in Florida and it reminds me of home. I planted one here in rural Virginia this spring but the deer made short work of it.


  2. I’ve never grown these … so pretty!
    It’s such a time of change. Tree leaves are turning but my potted flowers are still blooming.
    Fabulous riding weather though 🙂


  3. So pure looking. I would never guess this was taken recently. We’ve just come thru our first Arctic Vortex, a week long, bone chilling. Thanks for warming things up, I felt a wee thaw when I saw this stunning photo.


    • When I posted it, many weeks ago, it was recent. Now that hibiscus is in a nature induced deep sleep. No, more like a death scene. Good thing it has relatives that will appear in the spring.


      • Oh yes, now I see the date. Sadly (or gladly) there is this crooked little path that I weave around WP. I tend to find my way around sooner or later but it’s a bit fickled. That’s just how I roll, LOL

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