39 thoughts on “Lake Huron Scene

  1. Sorry to hear your trip was short on friendship Mike. Time certainly does march on, few things do last forever which is why we have to make the minutes and hours count I guess. A very nice serene image. A contemplative scene to go with the post. Love the layer of cloud on the horizon.


    • Losses have a way of being replaced with new finds and friendship. I did not intend to write what I did but as I looked at the image, theses are the words I found and the contemplative scene was, I think, responsible for that.


  2. Sorry to hear that Mike..nothing lasts for ever and sometimes all we can do is gather our thoughts and try to learn from the experience. A beautiful shot. by the way.


    • Big lake requires more than a squint, me thinks. You are out there somewhere, eh. ( I get to say eh because my brother and mother were born in Winnipeg, and I lived, as a wee lad, in Toronto.)


      • Well, I’m a Brooklyn kid who spent some very dear time in Canada including the summer of my 12th year where I had the season of my life in a leftist summer camp. A lot of discovery that year.


  3. Sorry to hear this, Mike. But sometimes an old friendship should remain just that. I have a friend who reappears every couple of years wanting to rekindle that closeness we had in school. But I am not that same person any more!


    • Well, the scenery was amazing and that is certainly a take away. The friendship ending was, is, an aside. I just thought I’d put it out there. What I see when I look at this and other tranquil scenes from this trip is…..tranquil scenes. I appreciate your comment.


  4. It was not until I was early 40s that I realized what a “water baby” I was. Perhaps the single parenting / working full time / grad school thing got in the way. Either way, I can surely see myself happily sitting by / floating in / splashing through that water. I hope it was warm that day.
    Happy sigh (except for the friendship lost)


    • Great time, except for the ride which was too long fighting trucks for space with my 37 ft motorhome, towing a car. It was Judy and Pumpkin’s first trip there and it is very pretty.
      Thanks for asking Scott and with you in my life, who needs that lost 30 year friendship.


      • I’m glad you still had such a nice time…and I can’t imagine trying to pry yourself in between the trucks on the freeway…doesn’t sound like any kind of fun. Thirty years down the tubes? Goodness….and yes, I’m here for you. πŸ™‚

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